Black-led abolitionist movement bailing out Black mothers and caregivers.

Black Trans Protesters Emergency Fund

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Black Student Fund

Since 1964, the Black Student Fund (BSF) has provided financial assistance and support services to Washington, DC metropolitan area African-American students, grades pre-kindergarten to 12, and their families.

Free Black Women’s Library Sister Outsider Relief Grant

Mutual aid fund to honor and support single Black mother artists, writers and cultural workers

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Black Lives Matter

Movement and ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people and end white supremacy forever.


Tournament Haus Ballroom Microgrants for BIPOC/ Trans + NB folx between Portland, Tacoma & Seattle

A mutual aid fund for Trans/ Non Binary BIPOC in the ballroom scene between Portland, Tacoma and Seattle.        

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Philly Community Bail Fund

Organization dedicated to ending cash bail and freeing those who are incarcerated because they can’t afford it.


Bklyn Boihood

A creative collective for queer boys of color who lead art projects in communities across the US and Canada. 

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Black Visions Collective

This Minnesota-based, queer- and trans-centered organization is dedicated to dismantling systems of violence. It works with black communities, including those in the art world, and helps promote investment in black leaders across diverse career fields.

The Bail Project

A non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system ‒ one person at a time. We believe that paying bail for someone in need is an act of resistance against a system that criminalizes race and poverty and an act of solidarity with local communities and movements for decarceration.

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Organization challenging the racism, inequality, and injustice of a criminal legal system and immigration and deportation regime that disproportionately target and harm low-income communities of color. Since 2018, BCBF's New York Immigration Freedom Fund program has paid over $3 million in immigration bond to secure the freedom of more than 400 immigrant New Yorkers from ICE detention and reunite them with their families and communities.


Each day, tens of thousands of LGBTQ people are held in jail or immigration detention because they cannot afford bail—for immigration status or charges like sleeping in public. With your help, the Freedom Fund posts bail to secure their release and safety.

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

400+1 Bail Fund

BALT Action Legal Team

The Black School

An experimental art school teaching radical Black history.

The Black Futures Fund

Black Art Futures Fund is a collective of emerging philanthopists promoting the elevation & preservation of Black art & culture organizations


Black Archivist

Black Archivist believes in the power of the Black narrative and that Black artists are best suited to tell the stories of our community. Black Archivist provides the tools and resources for Black people to document the life around them, both triumphs and tribulations. Access to equipment should not be a barrier to entry for documentation or compensation.


 Yemen & Venezuela Humanitarian crisis 





Doctors without Borders (MSF) 

providing medical aid to people in Yemen, MSF worked in 13 hospitals and health centers and provided support to more than 20 health facilities across 12 governorates in 2018.

The International Rescue Committee 


provides medical training, supplies and drugs to hospitals. The organization says it has reached more than a quarter million people in Yemen with health, nutrition, water and sanitation services.



works with local authorities and nongovernmental organizations to provide emergency relief for children, and has operations in every governorate in Yemen. It provides health screenings, vaccines, malnutrition treatment, water and school supplies.

Doctors Without Borders 


operates in 13 hospitals and health centers in the country. It also provides support to 20 public health programs throughout Yemen, where half of the medical facilities have closed because of the conflict. It operates in areas held by the Houthis.

Save the Children 


provides education and safe places for children. Up to 75 percent of schools in some areas of Yemen have been destroyed, according to the organization, which trains teachers and creates temporary learning spaces. Save the Children also provides cash and vouchers for food.

Baitulmaal AHED 


provides food, clothing and medical supplies.


Islamic Relief USA 


delivers food, clothing and medical supplies and provides health screening, farming support and business training.

Zakat Foundation of America


works through partnerships to provide food and water. The organization has also helped fund and train hundreds of local farmers.

* List compiled by The New Your Times


Caracas Mi Convive


part of Alimenta la Solidaridad, focuses on hunger issues and violence prevention. You can donate to Alimenta la Solidaridad’s gofundme page.

Cuatro Por Venezuela


provides aid to Caracas hospitals.



focuses on issues related to children.

Hogar Bambi


cares for children who have been separated from their families for a variety of reasons.

Doctors without Borders 


provides aid to Venezuela’s medical sector to increase care and mental health support.


             Middle East Refugee Crisis             

The Boat Refugee Foundation 


Offers medical and phycological support, and they run a school in the camp.

Lesvos Solidarity

Works with children.  





Offers language, art and technology classes to refugees as well as support.

Lighthouse Relief


Create educational spaces in the camps on mainland and rescue boats on the islands.




Rescue refugees in the sea internationally.

The Home Project


Restores building and provides shelter.




Provide shelter for refugees, meals , classes to mothers, children and lgbtq community.




Provides community spaces, meals and legal support.

Samos Volunteers

Individuals providing phycological, legal and community support.

No Border Kitchen Lesvos


Self organized, non-hierachical group.

The Alarm Phone


Hotline for people on boats.

Help refugees


International non-gubernmental organization.