I'm not afraid of dying but I'm afraid of being alone

Sohee Kim/ Dulce Lamarca/ XiangLong Li/ Michelle Sumaray/ Keno Tung/ Wo Xinyu/ Blanche Yizhe Huang

The strange new reality of social distancing has heightened awareness of previously existing borders. I’m not afraid of dying but I’m afraid of being alone, the first iteration of Please don’t come to this show, presents the work of current SVA students and alumni Sohee Kim, Dulce Lamarca, XiangLong Li, Michelle Sumaray, Keno Tung, Wo Xinyu and Blanche Yizhe Huang. Their work represents these borders and methods of coping with or protection from an upended world. Whether these boundaries are the distinction between home and the outside, interior and exterior, the limitations of understanding inherent to language, or the line demarcated where two colors meet, borders are present throughout the work. However, this work also presents tactics for managing the burden of these lonesome and uncertain times: absurdity, dreaming, longing, performing alternate personas for self protection, and digital communication to ward off isolation.
Curators Daniel Almedia and Elise Warfield will be releasing a new curated show that pairs a group of participating artists with similar interests together bi-weekly. Each part of the series creates a dialog around the idea of online presence, digital gatherings and our relation to information.
Please don’t come to this show.