Knowledge becomes an action when it seeks to decentralize collective consciousness. An actively conscious society is built communally and through awareness of the narratives that conform it; therefore, we are committed to support the work, research and scholarship of BIPOC, QTPOC and other LGBTQ folx. Call to Action, is an artist-run opinion forum centered around sharing resources and social initiatives to articulate cooperation and alliances. As part of our programming we host silent art auctions with 100% of the proceeds going to fund underrepresented students, thinkers, creators, social justice foundations, minority-run organizations and humanitarian aid foundations. Additionally, we broadcast culturally impactful films and post open source educational material that delves into the history and actuality of pressing issues affecting our communities, human rights, civil rights and social justice. Our main goal is to foreground and remunerate the foundational research of creators who are structurally underrepresented in academia.

If you are a culture producer who wants to use this forum for an exhibition, lecture, or any other educational project, please feel free to reach out by email at Call to Action, is an open source project that does not claim ownership nor profit from the content shared.